Installing New Light Fixture- DIY or Hiring a Professional

One of the easiest ways to spruce up any home interiors is by changing old ones and installing new light fixtures. This small change can bring a dramatic touch to the curb appeal of the house and update its charm notches higher. The point of debate here is that whether one should do it by themselves as a DIY project or hire a professional and expert electrician to do the job. Here we would try to conclude the debate.

Installing a light fixture is an easy enough job that most average man feels confident of doing it all by themselves. Looking at it objectively; it is indeed something that can easily be done DIY, provided, you have the required knowledge, skill and the right tools.

However, if you are not sure on this aspect, it is best that you seek a professional electrician in Ogden to do the job for you. To ascertain, if you are capable of installing a new light fixture, try to think of answers for some of the queries below and conclude.

  1. Are you familiar with electrical wiring and connections?

Installing new light fixture does not demand you to be an expert electrician. Nevertheless, it requires you to have a basic understanding of electrical outlets and wiring. Electricity is a complicated and dangerous business which can be hazardous to your life as well as the safety of your house and all its inhabitants. Before even thinking about attempting the installation, you need to know the location of the circuit breaker panel; the proper way of turning the power off especially of the light fixture you are considering changing, The way to tackle the wires which you come across after pulling off the fixture etc. If your answer is no or uncertain to it, the best professional in Ogden should be your smart choice. Even though you can find a plethora of videos, guides and step by step explanatory videos and write-ups on it; it should not be attempted without the presence of an expert. This is because; it can easily lend shock and can even cause an electrical fire, thereby threatening you, your family and your property. Moreover, if the process is of a complex nature like switching or rerouting cables, it should best be left in the hands of an expert electrician.

  1. Do you have the right tools for installing new light fixture?

Regardless of whether you are installing the new light fixture yourself or hiring a professional; it can only be executed successfully with the help of some particular tools like the wire stripper, power drill, voltage tester etc. These are necessary for a clean as well as safe and successful installation. Yes, we agree that there are several home gadgets which can be a good alternative to them like a utility knife can do the job of wire stripper or a screwdriver can replace a power drill. However, these require an expertise level and skill that might not be the cup of tea for many.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of other finer details also attached with installing a new light fixture like whether the to-be installed fixture comes with the mounting materials, clear instructions, state of the electrical wires etc. Given the gravity of the risk involved, hiring an electrician or handyman of repute in Ogden would be a wise decision against opting to do it as a DIY project.